Saturday, December 26, 2009

Not another knitting blog...

Well actually yes it is. I'm not really expecting anyone to read this (except a few close friends) - it's more because I wanted to keep notes on my projects and what i am learning as I teach myself how to knit bigger and better things and I figured, why not share it with my friends?

So here's the background: I first learned to knit garter stitch when I was about eight years old. for my first project I decided I was going to knit a baby blanket for a friend's mum who was pregnant. I figured that babies were small so i made the blanket "baby sized" - about 12 inches by 16 inches. Oh how cute...

I did a fair bit of crochet after that (had a tiny business making crochet-covered coathangers in 6th grade) but didn't knit again till I was 14 and my Dad and brother were going to England over christmas. I crocheted a scarf for one of them and knitted one for the other - garter stitch again.

Then no more knitting till early in my first marriage - I picked up a "Harmony guide to Aran Knitting" at a second hand book store and taught myself to purl. What a revelation! Clucky as hell, I set to work on a baby blanket made of squares of all different Aran patterns. I was cabling and all sorts. Easy peasy! Never finished the project as I got preggers and became interested in other stuff. After that I crocheted the odd baby hat (I liked crocheting freehand - could estimate size and shaping as I went. Made some pretty avant garde baby hats!) but no more knitting for over 10 years.

Recently I have had some issues with anxiety and a friend suggested I try knitting as a soothing pastime. Then I listenned to the Friday Night Knitting Club on Audiobook and got all enthused! I've just nearly finished my third project and am really enjoying it. Hubby loves to pretend to be a kitten and tug at my needles and yarn, but he'd be a scallywag no matter what I was doing.

So that's how I got here! More on my first three projects to come soon. *grin*